4 states just set high temperature records for December

Picture of an article that set high temperature records for December in 4 states

Winter is officially here, and it’s terribly hot. This week, most parts of the United States and Canada found themselves suffering from another brutal heat wave, this time bringing record December temperatures, easily confused with cool summer nights.

Montana, North Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming all set temperature records for December, as the high-pressure thermal dome bulged, capturing abnormal warmth in areas more accustomed to snow than T-shirt weather exist this time every yearAccording to the National Weather Service, as many as one-third of the continental United States has experienced high temperatures of more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) this week. December is really the new September for you.

In the central United States, the National Weather Service Said Temperatures in some states are 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (17 to 22 degrees Celsius) higher than normal. In Montana, record high temperatures and strong winds mixed together, causing a series of unusual December prairie fires. One of the fires unfortunately destroyed at least two dozen houses and businesses in Denton Township. These included the town’s grain elevator, which caught fire in a heartbreaking manner.

The grain elevator in Denton, Montana was burnt down after a prairie fire swept through.

A volunteer firefighter told the police: “It’s definitely not a good sign that December is so dry and so warm.” New York Times“Since May, our humidity has been zero, and there is no sign of the future.”

At the Canadian border, British Columbia also broke the December high temperature record, temperature arrive 72.5 Fahrenheit (22.5 Degrees Celsius) in Penticon Town. That is 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius) Higher than Previous provincial High temperature records in December and Tie up records For the whole of Canada.

Although temperatures are expected to drop over the weekend and provide some relief, long-term forecasts predict that the second week of December may be even warmer.Washington post notes.

Heat is not the only problem.British Columbia is still affected by Atmospheric River Series Caused heavy rain in the area and caused Catastrophic floodThe heavy rain brought by these storms took away the snow, and the heat would only swallow it further. at the same time, Lack Snow and rainfall in the inland areas of the western mountainous areas caused abnormal droughts.No snow is Montana and Colorado Still seeing the fire.

All of this happened a few months later in the United States.S. experienced The hottest summer on record since 1936Single Bowl. Some of the worst calories Centered on the Pacific Northwest, Three-digit temperature Literally Melted power cables and twisted roads. this Summer heat Breaking Canadian history records Similarly, make it an international crisis. (The same applies to the Pacific Northwest U.S. border sideSame thing too. The hot seasons are the business card of the climate crisis; the burning of fossil fuels basically spreads a blanket on the earth, which increases the possibility of stranger heat waves like this week. This may make December a new July soon.

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