3Space Art encourages artists and collectors to display their digital art works offline and online

The most popular trend in 2021 is NFT, which has become popular since the traditional auction house Christie was able to sell artwork by digital artist Beeple for a staggering US$69 million.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have changed our view of ownership and opened up new financial opportunities for creators. Although the hype continues to rise to new levels this year and is expected to normalize at some point, it will transform into a larger idea that not only covers art, but also intellectual property rights, ticketing, music and movies, streaming media, healthcare, Video games, software licenses, warranties, etc.

The coming NFT powerhouse

Although the future is broad and bright, NFT is still in its infancy. To help this industry develop, 3 Space Art It is launching its NFT platform.

In addition to providing an NFT market where artists and collectors can buy and sell artworks, 3Space Art also helps beginners and experts in the process of getting started, marketing and NFT casting.

The hybrid art platform for physical and remote users officially launched its NFT platform to promote the widespread use of digital art in the real world. In addition, 3Space Art helps artists transition from their current physical environment to the emerging virtual space.

Artists can also display their artworks in online and offline events. NFT users can also show off at home, in the office, or in offline galleries and exhibitions.

3Space Art makes this possible by finding suitable channels to display digital art in physical locations and organizing events and exhibitions, acting as a bridge between NFT and the real world.

In general, the platform encourages creators to work together and create a cooperative community to attract audiences outside of Metaverse.

Offline exhibitions and galleries attract a wider audience, especially those who are not familiar with encryption and NFT spaces, bringing diversification and new potential buyers.

The project also allows these new crowds to purchase their favorite artworks and display them in their homes or offices by simply scanning the QR code, making it easy to obtain digital artworks for these new crowds.

Customers don’t even have to pay in cryptocurrency, and can use their credit card and regular fiat currency to buy NFT.

Interestingly, 3 Space Art It also encourages its artists and collectors to showcase their artworks in offline events and exhibitions through its art pool. Both creators and buyers can deposit their NFTs into the smart contract pool, which gives 3Space Art the right to display their works in online and offline events. Then distribute 100% of the proceeds to the people participating in the pool​​.

The platform is cooperating with different offline venues and event organizations, such as Makerspace, which is a university-funded research center for the Internet of Things, is creating a digital photo frame, monthly subscription, putting NFT in the photo frame, and making it all People can show digital art and office at home.

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