30-year-old aspiring actress arrested on suspicion of pornographic racket

Model and actor Nandita Dutta from Kolkata and her colleague Mainak Ghosh were arrested for allegedly forcing aspiring models to shoot pornographic content. They either threatened them or gave them false hopes to “rest” on mainstream OTT platforms, Electronic Times Report.

The entertainment portal reported that Nancy Bhabhi (also known as Nandita Dutta) has earned a reputation for semi-pornographic content. On July 26, two young models filed a complaint with the Metropolitan Police. The 30-year-old actress and Mainak were arrested by the police at their residences in Dum Dum and Naktala, West Bengal.

Nandita Duta Film Festival

One of the models claimed that she was forced to participate in a nude video at a studio in Ballygunge, while her friend was forced to perform in an adult video at the New Town Hotel.

“We will grill them for their other accomplices and find out where they organized the filming. We will also ask them to find out where they used to sell videos and whether they belong to a larger racket,” a senior member of the Bidhannagar Commissioner The official told ETimes.

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