3 Ways to Stop Someone from Impersonating You on Instagram

Identity theft on social networks is a serious crime, and Instagram Deal with it first. If you find someone impersonating you on Instagram, we’ll help you stop it. In this guide, we discuss three effective ways to stop someone from impersonating you on Instagram.Also, you can learn how to Remove fake and bot followers from your Instagram account.

Ways to stop someone from impersonating you on Instagram

Report an impersonation account to Instagram

The fastest way to block fake accounts on Instagram is through its App or web version. If an account is reported, it will be reviewed by the Instagram Community Moderation Team for any Community Guidelines violations and will require you to submit identification. After successful verification, the impersonating account and all its posts will be deleted from Instagram. Here’s how you can report:

Using the Instagram mobile app

1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone and find the profile you think is impersonating you or someone.

2. Next, click three dot icon in the upper right corner, then press Report options.

3. To go further, click report account and press the option that says “it’s pretending to be someone else”.

4. Select the “Who this account pretends to be” target option and click Next button.

That’s it. You have successfully reported a fake account to Instagram for review using their mobile app.

Using Web/Desktop

1. Open your target demo account Instagram website or Instagram desktop application.

2. Next, click three dot icon next to the profile name.

3. Click Report button.

4. Select an option report account.

5. Also, click “It’s pretending to be someone else.”

6. On the next page, select the person the account is trying to impersonate and click next button report it.

That’s it. You have successfully reported an impersonating account using the Instagram web app.

Fill out the official report form to terminate the impersonation account

If you are unsuccessful in removing the account impersonating you on Instagram using the first method, then you can report it by filling out its official form. You can access this form and use it to your advantage by:

1. Open a new tab on your web browser and visit report Report a fake Instagram account.

2. tick The following from the list of available options:

  • Someone created an account impersonating me or a friend of mine.
  • Yes, I am the one being impersonated.

3. Next, provide the necessary details to the form, such as your full name, email address, full name, and username for the account you want to report on.

4. In addition, you need Photograph own recognized government ID card Make sure your face and ID content are clearly visible.Make sure to save this image in JPEG format, then press Select the file button.

5. You may also add other additional information in the Information section provided at the bottom of this form.

6. When finished, press send button Send your details to report impersonating an Instagram account.

That’s it. You will need to wait a few business days for an official response from the Instagram team to resolve the issue.

Ask your friends to report impersonating accounts on Instagram

Another effective way to remove impersonation accounts from Instagram is by Multiple violation reports. It is often observed that when different users report a particular Instagram account multiple times, the Instagram moderation team takes immediate action on it. While Instagram doesn’t specify a specific number of reported counts, a large count may do the job.

You can ask your friends on Instagram and other social networks to report impersonation accounts (using the first method above) so they can be reviewed for violations. The more the better.

common problem

Q1: What happens after reporting an impostor on Instagram?

Depending on the severity of the breach, Instagram may shadow class Or delete the entire account, including all its posts.

Q2: After successful verification, how long does it take for Instagram to delete the demo account?

Usually takes about 24 hours Get an official response from the Instagram team, but may require 2-3 working days In some cases, depending on the analytical complexity of the reporting account.

Question 3: How many reports does it take to delete a fake Instagram account?

There is no official count of the number of reports required to remove a fake/impersonation account from Instagram, but even a small number (like 5-10 reports) can entice a review team to investigate.

Final Review: Protecting Your Digital Identity

We hope this article helped you protect your digital identity by reporting imposters on Instagram using the methods above. If you find this article helpful and worth your time to read, please click the “Like” button and share it with your loved ones to help them in this adverse situation. Stay tuned for more great walkthroughs and let us know your questions in the comments below.


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