3 ways to remotely view the real-time picture of the camera from an Android phone

You know you can take your Android Turn your mobile phone into a real-time security camera? Yes, you heard that right.If you have a spare Android phone, you can use it to remotely view real-time feeds through third-party applications, or even use it as Home security cameraIn this article, you will learn 3 ways to remotely view the camera’s real-time feed from an Android phone.

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How to remotely view the camera’s real-time feed from Android

Use the IP phone camera application

The IP Phone Camera application is a free third-party Android application that can be used to view multiple cameras, take videos, photos, and send email notifications for motion detection. This application can turn your old Android device into a live camera that can be watched from anywhere in the world. Follow the simple steps below to set up on your Android device.

  • Open Google Store, search IP phone camera application And install it.
  • Choose your connection method. This app provides three modes, namely, WIFI, mobile hotspot and mobile data. Please note that the mobile data plan is a premium plan and can only be accessed after payment is completed.
  • Choose your preferred connection methodPlease note that for WIFI and mobile hotspot methods, the sender and receiver devices must be connected to the same network.
  • Click on Start broadcasting Button to view the live feed from the phone’s camera.
  • To view the live camera feed, open a browser on your PC or any other device, and Visit URL Provided on the screen.
  • Your browser will immediately connect to your phone’s camera to view the live feed.
  • you can also Record this live feed or rotate the camera And turn on the flashlight remotely.

Use the IP webcam Android application

IP webcam is another efficient Android application that can turn your phone into a webcam, which can be viewed remotely from anywhere. It supports two-way audio and can be used with most security cameras. Follow the simple steps below to try this application on your phone.

  • Open Google Store, search IP webcam application And install it.
  • Open the app And provide all necessary access permissions.
  • This app also supports Local and cloud broadcast. Cloud broadcasting includes registering your own cloud space to access real-time cameras from anywhere in the world.
  • Browse the list of configurable options and click Start the server Start broadcasting live camera from your phone.
  • Please note that local broadcasting requires The two devices are connected to the same network.
  • Open a browser on another device and search for the given URL Provided at the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap Browser Enable and view the live camera view of the phone on other devices from the button list.

Use Iriun webcam for PC and Mac

The Iriun webcam application allows you to use your phone’s camera as a wireless webcam. It supports resolutions up to 4K and can be used to obtain real-time video from the phone camera. To view the live camera feed on other devices (such as a PC or Mac), you need to install the appropriate driver to run the application. Follow these simple steps to use this app.

  • Open Google Store, search Iriun webcam app And install it.
  • Install the appropriate driver Download drivers for PC or Mac Arion website.
  • Click on Continue button Start broadcasting on the mobile app.
  • Open Irium webcam PC Application on the desktop.

  • Wait a few seconds, and then let the application connect to the desktop application.
  • The desktop application will start to display real-time video sources from the phone’s camera.

  • Please note that for this application to work properly, your phone and system must be connected to Same network.

Bonus: Use your phone as a webcam for Zoom video calls

If you don’t have a dedicated webcam for meetings, or the webcam on your laptop is of poor quality, you can turn your smartphone’s camera into a remote webcam to participate in any video conference.Follow this simple 2-minute reading to learn how Use your phone as a webcam for Zoom calls.

wrap up

In this article, you have learned 3 ways to remotely view the real-time feed of the camera from an Android phone. If this article has helped you turn your Android phone into a real-time surveillance camera, please click the “Like” button and share this article with your friends. Please stay tuned for more such interesting articles.

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