3 Ways to Fix Downloaded Reels and Videos Not Displaying on iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve often noticed that your downloaded videos and reels don’t show up in the Photos app. Fortunately, we have three effective solutions to this problem. In this post, we have listed three methods to fix downloaded scrolls and videos not showing up automatically on iPhone.Also, you can learn how to Schedule Instagram reels for free.

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Fix downloaded scroll, video not showing on iPhone

Manually save the downloaded video to the Photos app

when you Download Instagram Reel Or a video on your iPhone, it’s automatically stored in the Files app. However, videos/reels downloaded while searching do not automatically appear in the Photos app. To fix this, you’ll need to manually save the downloaded video to your Photos app to make it visible and accessible.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open file application On your iPhone, then tap the downloaded reel or video to open it.

2. Next, click arrow icon in the lower left corner, then press save video button to save it to your Photos app.

That’s it. You have successfully saved your downloaded video or reel to the Photos app on your iPhone so you can view it anytime.

Access and save downloaded videos from your mobile browser

If you can’t find the downloaded video or reel in the Photos app on your iPhone, you can visit download folder View and save them on the iPhone’s browser app. Follow the steps below to fix it easily.

1. Open the browser application you used to download the video or reel to your iPhone.By default, iOS allows Safari app Browse and download content from the Internet.

2. Next, click AA icon In the far left corner of Safari search bar Check out its settings.

3. Click Download options See a list of all downloaded files. Find your downloaded video or reel here and click to open it.

4. Next, click arrow icon in the lower left corner.

5. Additionally, press save video button Save it to the Photos app on your iPhone.

That’s it. You have successfully saved the downloaded video to your iPhone’s Photos app for viewing later.

Download and view videos/reels with free 3rd party tools

iOS also offers some effective free third-party apps that you can install on your iPhone to save and organize downloaded videos without opening your Photos app.The name of one such application is any video saver, With it, you can easily download, save and organize any video to watch when you need it. Follow these simple steps to install and use this app to access your downloaded videos.

1. Open the Appstore on your iPhone and search any video saver app Install it.

2. Next, open the app and paste video link Or roll into the top search bar you wish to keep in this app.

3. The link you pasted will open immediately. Now, Press on the video, then press download button to save it to the application.

4. Click save button Confirm your action. Your saved videos are now accessible on the app’s homepage for easy access and viewing anytime.

5. Similarly, you can follow the steps above to download and save your favorite videos and reels in the app.

Bonus Tip: Download Instagram Reels Audio and save it as MP3

Now that you’ve learned to easily view downloaded reels and videos on your iPhone, you should also learn to download your favorite Instagram reel audio and save it as MP3.

Follow this quick guide to download and Save Instagram Reels audio as MP3 easily.

Final Words: Easily View Downloaded Videos on iPhone

So, here is a summary of the top 3 ways to easily fix download scrolls and videos not showing on iPhone. If this quick read helped you easily view and organize downloaded videos on your iPhone, click the “Like” button below and share this guide with your friends to let them know how it works. Stay tuned for more informative walkthroughs.

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