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with never-ending debate Bad effects of fast chargingConsumers care now more than ever battery health their cell phones.If you feel the same, we can help you check your phone’s battery health or iPad in this guide. Read on as we demonstrate three simple diagnostic methods.At the same time, you can also learn Protect your phone from overcharging.

3 Ways to Check Your Phone’s Battery Health – wikiHow

Checking your smartphone’s battery health can not only help you Improve battery life But it also helps remind you that it’s time to Replacement batteryWith that said, let’s take a look at three easy ways to check the battery health of any smartphone.

Check battery health from system settings

The easiest way to check your phone’s battery health is by Native system settings. Here’s how to check the same content on different phones:

Samsung device

if you own a Samsung phone, you can install the Samsung Membership app to know the battery health of your phone. Follow these simple steps:

1. Install Samsung Member application and start it.If you can’t find it, you can download it using APKPure.

2. Next, click diagnosis button and expand battery status options.

3. you can now view battery health Your Samsung phone and its capacity.If the health condition is worse, You should go to an authorized service center to replace it.

Check battery health


Besides installing the app, apple provided a Built-in options Check your battery health now iPhone. According to Apple, the regular battery on an iPhone is designed to retain the most 80% Its original capacity after 500 full charge cycles. Follow these simple steps to check your iPhone’s battery health:

1. go set up and click Battery.

2. Next, click battery health option and find the percentage shown next to Maximum capacity.

3. If the battery health falls below 80%, your iPhone will automatically enable reduced performance mode to provide optimal output.

Pixel, Vivo, iQOO, Oppo, Redmi/Xiaomi devices

Unlike Samsung and OnePlus, other smartphone makers such as Google, Vivo, Oppo and Redmi/Xiaomi do not offer the option to determine the health of a phone’s battery.However, you can check battery usage Statistical data. Here’s how you can access:

1. go to your phone set up and click Battery.

2. Next, tap battery usage And analyze the total screen-on time you get with your usage.

3. Here you can also view battery drain Associated with every installed app on your phone.

4. Finally, you can track and compare daily screen-on time details to get an overview of your battery’s health. A drop in this comparison could indicate a problem with the phone’s battery health.


Checking the iPad’s battery health isn’t as easy as it is on the iPhone. Fortunately, we’ve researched a few ways to help you check and understand the exact battery health of your iPad.Head over to our quick explainer Check battery health and charge cycles on iPad Learn about the same.

3rd party app to check phone battery health

In addition to the native system settings, you can install certain third-party usage Carefully diagnose the battery health of your Android phone.Similar apps Ampere, AccuBattery and Electronics Provides insight into various battery parameters such as charging speed, battery health and temperature. Here’s how you can use them to your advantage:


The Ampere app monitors the charging and discharging current of a smartphone battery to estimate its overall health. Follow the steps below to install and use this app on your Android phone:

1. Install Ampere Application and start it.

2. Connect the phone to the charger and monitor the app for a few charging cycles.

3. If your battery health is up to standard, you will check “Good” review next to the health bar.

4. Additionally, you can swipe right to get more details about your phone’s battery, such as temperature, maximum capacity, voltage, etc.


Similar to Ampere, you can install the Electron app on your phone to get important information about your battery. That’s it:

1. Install Electronic application on your Android phone, then tap Calibration button Calibrate the battery.

2. The app will run various test values ​​to give you information about the health of your device’s battery.

3. Besides health, you can also analyze different battery parameters such as Temperature, Voltage, Type and Status to better understand the condition of your phone.


AccuBattery is another truly remarkable app that lets you understand your phone’s battery health by analyzing successive charge and discharge cycles.Follow us A detailed guide to the AccuBattery app Get a broad estimate of your device’s battery health.

Check battery health with USSD codes on Android

Some Android devices include a built-in diagnostics menu that you can use to access information about your phone’s battery health. To do this, you need to dial a specific password to access such information. That’s it:

1. dial *#*#4636#*#* on your phone’s dial pad. You don’t have to press the green dial button to access it, it turns on as soon as you enter the code.

2. This test interface should open on your device.If you are lucky, you will find the following options battery information Displays phone battery health.

Bonus: Tips To Prevent Your Phone’s Battery From Degrading

If you want to make sure your smartphone’s battery life is longer and in good health, we’ve put together some tips you can follow:

  • Avoid extreme levels, such as charging to 100% or discharging all the way to 0%.
  • Try to keep the battery in the 40-80% area. Frequent small recharges are better than full recharges.
  • Avoid fast charging if you’re not in a hurry.
  • Keep your phone cool, especially while charging. Please do not use it while inserting.
  • use these Power Saving Tips Whenever possible. Less drain = less charging.
  • use the original charger and cable Or at least a certified third-party charger with the same specs.
  • While your phone does stop charging at 100%, you should still avoid charging at night.
  • If you’re going to store your phone for a long time, charge the battery to 50% instead of 100%

common problem

Q: How do I check my laptop’s battery health?

A: You can easily check the battery health of your laptop running on Windows 11 by following our steps Detailed explanation the same.

Q: How do I check the battery health of my OnePlus smartphone?

A: Earlier, the OnePlus Diagnostics app was used to help you get such stats. But now since it doesn’t work, you can use the third-party app mentioned above to measure your phone’s battery health.

Q: What is the code to check battery health on Android phones?

A: you can dial *#*#4636#*#* Access the test application on your phone. However, if that doesn’t work with your phone, then you can install the third-party apps mentioned above.

Summary: Monitor your phone’s battery health

These are the various ways to check the health of your phone’s battery. If this guide has helped you successfully diagnose the same issue, please hit the “Like” button and share. Check out the other helpful tips linked below, and stay tuned for more helpful explainers.

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