3 Ways to Block Spam, Giveaway Videos, or Fake Comments on Any YouTube Video

if you are a YouTube Creators, then you must know how painful the YouTube comments section is these days because of spam. Yes!Those spamming giveaway comments claiming you’ve won something, impersonating well-known YouTube creators, asking to connect telegraphFinally, after numerous requests, YouTube has announced a new set of features to block such spam or fake comments. Today we’ll discuss these new features, as well as some other ways you can get rid of or stay away from this type of spam.

How to Stop Comment Spam on YouTube Videos

In this article, we’ll discuss a new set of features that YouTube has introduced to stop spam giveaways impersonating well-known creators like you or other spam comments. In addition to that, we’ll help you use more YouTube anti-spam features that you can use. Let’s take a look at them.

Filter and block spam comments with “Increase Strictness”

New tools for combating and filtering spam giveaway comments on YouTube videos include a new option called “Increase Strictness,” which will keep more potentially inappropriate or spam comments for review. This will help creators like you get rid of fake Telegram Spam comments posing as you. Here’s how to enable this feature on your channel:

1. Login to YouTube studio.

2. From the left menu, select set up.

3. choose Communitythen go to Defaults Label.

4. choose Hold potentially inappropriate comments for moderation and select increase stringency.

5. choose save, to confirm the change. This setting will use stricter thresholds when detecting potentially inappropriate content in your channel’s comments.

Other YouTube Tools to Get Rid of YouTube Spam

The aforementioned tool called “Increase Strictness” is an experimental feature, so it may miss some spam comments. To ensure and eliminate this type of spam, you can use other YouTube tools so that no comment goes to the public comment. These tools allow you to block or hide users, and report comments as spam so that the next time the “Increase Strictness” tool will handle it, set automatic filters, and more.You can check out our detailed guide on how to use these YouTube Tools to Fight and Get Rid of Spam Notes.

Actions you need to follow

YouTube is a learning platform for both creators and viewers. In order to detect, combat and avoid such spam, we need to learn something. As a creator, you can teach them to your audience, or you need to take such steps to protect yourself from such spammy commenting audiences. You can check several things, such as verification marks, spelling, about sections, and more.You can read our detailed guide Spot and get rid of such spam comments.

Bonus: Other steps YouTube is taking to reduce spam

YouTube is also working on other measures to reduce spam from its platform impersonating well-known creators. These changes are:

1. From July 29, 2022, the option to hide the number of subscribers will be removed from the platform, which will help viewers to check whether comments are from real creators or spammers.

2. The next change is to reduce the character set, such as special characters or emojis that creators can choose when updating their names, moving on.

3. More changes will be introduced in the future based on feedback.

wrap up

So these are some of the new changes that YouTube has introduced to stop spam or fake review videos, especially giveaway videos. We also discussed other measures and tools you can use to avoid this type of spam on YouTube videos, as well as features that YouTube will implement in the near future. I hope you found this article useful, if you do, make sure to like and share with those who need to know. Stay tuned for more such tech tips and tricks.


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