3 ways to add stamps, logos, text and signatures to camera photos

We all like to take photos with the camera and personalize it to our liking.This personalization can include Shoot on the watermark, Filters, stamps, text, logos, and even custom signatures. In this article, you will learn the best way to add stamps, logos, text and signatures to camera photos.

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Add stamps, logos, text and signatures to camera photos

Using the Shot On Stamp application

The Shot on Stamp Android app is a free third-party app that can add stamps, logos or text to your digital photos. You can use this single application to make multiple customizations to your photos from your device.

Follow these simple steps to start using this application to personalize your photos.

  • Open Google Store, search Shoot on the stamp app And install it.
  • Open the app And provide the necessary access rights.
  • Scroll down the homepage to find things like Logo, text shooting, time stamp, And more.
  • To set your own custom image as a logo, click Logo And choose from the list of available options.
  • Tap shot Add custom text and save.
  • You can also add Shot Use this application to add text to your images.
  • To add a timestamp, click Date and time And choose the appropriate font, color, style and size.
  • Now, select the photos to add these watermarks by clicking on the photos Camera button.
  • You can take a new photo or select an existing photo from your device.
  • After taking/selecting the photo, the watermark stamp will be added and saved to your device immediately.

Use the automatic stamping watermark app

Automatically add stamp watermark is a free third-party Android application that can create and add stamps for copyright or watermark on your digital photos. This is an all-in-one application that can add stamps, signatures and even logos to your photos directly from your device. Follow these simple steps to customize your photos with this application.

  • Open Google Store, search Automatically add stamp watermark application And install it.
  • Provide the app with the necessary permissions to access the photos on your device.
  • Tap View all> Set your own logo under the logo.
  • Design your own logo or choose from predefined logos and edit.
  • navigation sign with Create/select signature What to add to the photo.
  • Now it’s time to select the photo to edit.You can open existing photos on your device by tapping gallery Button or use camera Button.
  • The app will process the image and edit it to add your custom logo and signature.
  • You can in your gallery application.

Use watermark stamp app

The Watermark Stamp application is another effective Android application that protects your photos by adding a watermark copyright logo and text to the photos. Follow these simple steps to use this app to add watermark to your photos.

  • Open the Google Play Store and search for Watermark stamp application And install it.
  • Provide the necessary access permissions for the application.
  • Tap Watermark logo Choose your own logo using your preferred settings.
  • To add text to the photo, tap Watermark text And type the text you want to add to the photo.
  • Choose a position The location where you want to add the watermark to the image.
  • You can click Blue eye icon In the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Now, it’s time to capture or select the photos to be watermarked.
  • you can use it Gallery button Or by clicking camera.
  • Once you select/take a photo, Stamps will be added immediately And save it to your device. You can view this image in the gallery/photo app.

Bonus: automatically add watermark to camera photos

Now that you have learned to add stamps, signatures, and logos to photos manually through the app, you should learn to automate the entire process for you.Follow these 2 minutes to read about how to Automatically add watermark to photos on Android.

wrap up

In this article, you learned 3 ways to add stamps, logos, text, and signatures to camera photos. If this article helped you personalize your photos, click the “Like” button and share this article among your friends to increase their creativity. As always, stay tuned for better How-Tos like this one.

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