271,000 new cases of coronavirus in France in a single day

Paris– France Due to the spread of omicron infections across the country, a heavy burden on hospital staff and threats to transportation, schools and other services, a record 271,686 daily virus cases were reported on Tuesday.

This French government Efforts are being made to avoid a new economic blockade that will damage the economy. Instead, it is trying to pass a vaccine bill through Parliament, hoping that it will be enough to protect hospitals.

But after several consecutive weeks of record numbers, Europe has the highest number of confirmed cases of the virus every day. France We are in an increasingly challenging position. FranceThe average daily number of cases in a week more than doubled, and in the past week, the current overall infection rate exceeds 1,671 out of 100,000.

The UK has also seen substantial growth, with a record 218,274 daily cases reported on Tuesday. Germany reported 30,561 cases on Tuesday.

More than 20,000 people were hospitalized due to the virus FranceThis number has been rising steadily for several weeks, but not as sharp as the infection rate.

COVID-19 patients accounted for more than 72% FranceICU beds and the once-famous healthcare system are showing signs of tension again. Although 77% of the population has been vaccinated at least twice, most virus patients in the ICU are not vaccinated.

More than 123,000 people died from the virus France, Among the highest death toll in the world.

More and more people are France Unable to work because they are sick or close contacts, which is disrupting some hospitals and forcing some regional trains to be cancelled, as well as other services.

This French government There have been some restrictions on the crowd. In some places, in addition to the requirements for indoor masks, the requirements for masks are re-defined outdoors. The surge also forced candidates in the April presidential election to curtail their campaigns.

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