23 Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales (2022): Hybrid, Sustainable, Foam

at least summer Here in America, it often feels like a fresh start, or a chance to unwind after a long, cold winter. Memorial Day has become the unofficial start of summer, with people relaxing in the sun over the long weekend (hopefully). Typically, this is also a shopping occasion. If your current bed is no longer serving you, these our favorite Memorial Day mattress sales include a ton of options at a variety of prices.Check out our Best Mattress Guide Get our advice and more details. All prices shown here are for queen size mattresses.

Update May 29, 2022: We’re updating prices all the time.

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Our Featured Mattress Deals

Spiral Midnight Luxury

Photo: Spiral

enter code MDWSALE250 Check out the discount at checkout, and you’ll also get two free pillows. We’ve seen this mattress hit $1,699, but the base price has risen a few times over the past few months. However, the Helix Midnight Luxe Hybrid has been our top mattress for many years. It has a plush cushion top, cooling gel foam, and medium firmness that should appeal to sleepers on the sides, back and stomach. Its springs are firmer in areas that need more support, like where your lower back rests. If you are purchasing a different size, please click the “View Offer” button at the top of the Helix website to determine the code that fits your total size.

enter code Memorial Day Check out for discounts. WIRED review director Jeffrey Van Camp says the Allsweel Supreme feels as comfortable as a $2,000 mattress. Of all the mattresses he tested, this one hung around, and it was the only bed his pregnant partner wanted to sleep in in the third trimester because of its softness and side-sleeping support. It doesn’t have the best edge support, but it’s still a solid option.

Allswell Hybrid

Photo: Allswell

enter code Memorial Day Check out for discounts. This Allswell isn’t as cheap as its price suggests.It is also a hybrid (ours Mattress Guide Explained what that means), you rarely see it at this price. It has a medium-hard feel and has tubing for better edge support. Whether you need one for yourself, or have a room that needs equipment, you can’t go wrong here.If you have more to spend, Allswell has a great Luxe Hyrbid Edition for $559 ($140 off)but the Supreme above is the best.

enter code save 10 Check out for discounts.Wired senior writer Scott Gilbertson tried a handful Sustainably Manufactured Mattresses, while avocado green remains his go-to. This is the only mattress he and his wife agree on because he likes firm beds and she likes soft ones. It’s both, and neither is too much. It is made from organic latex, organic wool and organic cotton. It is also non-toxic and contains no polyurethane, flame retardants, memory foam or chemical adhesives.avocado own sheep farm and latex farms. Mattress prices have risen since last year.

Other Sustainable Mattress Deals

birch natural

Photo: Birch

enter code MDSALE400 Saw the discount at checkout and also included two pillows. The avocado mattress above is our favorite of the organic mattresses we’ve tried, but Birch’s Natural is a solid alternative for side sleepers.It’s made by Helix, the company that makes our overall top-of-the-line mattress, and it’s gone up in price (probably due to a mix of Global Supply Chain Issues and inflation). Birch is made from natural latex and wool and is free of polyurethane foam and chemicals. Wired writer Lauren Stump said the place she and her partner slept each night formed a visible outline, but that didn’t cause a problem.

enter code remember Check out for discounts. If your little one needs a new bed, you can save some money by buying this twin mix. It is made from certified organic cotton, wool and latex. It’s solid, but the Wired kids who tried it love it. For about $125 more, you can get a double-sided version to extend its life against rowdy kids.

The deal includes two pillows, a set of sheets, and a mattress cover. Birch mattresses are more supportive, but Awara’s hybrid mattresses are more affordable. It’s supportive and elastic, but you might want a top hat (We have the following options) to smooth out rigid edges. This mattress has almost no odor when opened, which is not common in mattresses.

Other Hybrid Mattress Deals

Casper Original Blend

Photo: Casper

You’ve probably heard of Casper because its first foam mattress made the bed-in-a-box concept popular. The Hybrid is our company’s favorite choice, with a firm balance that strikes a good balance between softness and support, and is more breathable than full foam. Buy this one if no other mattress appeals. Wired review director Geoffrey Van Camp is currently testing Casper’s Wave Mix $2,715 ($680 off) with additional snow cooling technology. He didn’t notice a noticeable cooling effect compared to the Original Hybrid, but it did offer more support. Skip the Snow plugin and save $400.

enter code sleep 300 Check out for discounts. WIRED Review Editor Julian Chokkattu is now testing the bed. The Tencel overlay adds a pillow-like softness to the top, but it still feels relatively firm, he says. The edge support is also very good, and he noticed that it doesn’t bother his partner when he sleeps at night. He’s a belly and back sleeper, while his partner is a side sleeper, and the WinkBed feels comfortable in all these positions. These mattresses are handcrafted in the USA.

This deal comes with two pillows. Leesa’s Hybrid mattress is another of our favorites. It’s cheaper than Helix Luxe, but still expensive. That said, this sale is another $100 off what we saw last year, putting it at one of the lowest prices we’ve tracked. The Leesa Hybrid felt cool and comfortable in our tests, like a bed.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature

Photo: Brooklyn Bedding

enter code Memorial 30 Check out for discounts. If you like firm beds, Brooklyn Bedding’s Signature Hybrid runs pretty solid. WIRED review director Jeffrey Van Camp says he’ll go for the medium version next time for something a little softer. Last year, we saw this mattress drop to $787. Not firm enough?Brooklyn Bedding For Sale wooden mattress Also, worthy of the name.

This mattress has also gone up in price; last year it dropped to $1,299 at the same discount on Memorial Day.It’s Still a Nice Hybrid Mattress – Don’t Let The Word classic Lie to you. There are three hardness levels and two thickness options. You’ll also get white glove delivery, and the brand will haul away your old mattress. That’s a luxury.

The deal includes two pillows, a set of sheets, and a mattress cover. DreamCloud’s Hybrid features a thick and luxurious pillowcase similar to Helix Midnight Luxe and Allswell Supreme.

Layla Double Sided Foam Mattress

Photo: Laila

This deal comes with two pillows. Most mattress companies have generous return policies, but no one really wants to pull something this size in and out and do it again, especially if you love your mattress but just need a different firmness. Layla offers two dimensions to determine if you need medium firmness or medium softness. If you feel like your preferences are changing throughout the week, turn it over.

The deal includes two pillows, a set of sheets, and a mattress cover. While most mattresses are constantly being discounted, the one we see most often is $799. That said, it usually doesn’t come with all of these gear. Side sleepers may prefer this classic memory foam mattress to keep you awake. It fits you, but you don’t sink.

The purple mattress has an interesting waffle-like jelly-like grid that creates softness and support. It’s comfortable, but not as comfortable as a hybrid. Purple does have a hybrid, but it’s much more expensive.

Tufted and Needle Mint Mattress

Photo: Tuft and Needle

If you need to decompress to sleep better at night, consider a mint mattress. It does feel supportive, although its top layer of “adaptive” foam will sink you a bit. It has green ceramic gel foam to dissipate heat, and it springs back into shape, so you shouldn’t notice a human-shaped dent when you get back to bed the next night. Like a bunch on this list, prices have risen since the last trading holiday.

We prefer Casper’s hybrid option above, but its standard foam mattress is just as popular. It has been updated since its first release. Casper is one of the first products in the category, so it has time to perfect its standard mattress.

This deal comes with two pillows. The Leesa feels a lot like the Casper, but we actually found it a little more comfortable. Like Casper, though, we prefer Leesa’s hybrid mattress, if you will.

enter code stay comfortable Check out for discounts. This is the perfect mattress that WIRED reviewer Matt Jancer loves. He said he was never blown away, but he slept well for two months during the test. The top layer is made of recycled material.

Cover and Top Hat Deals

Avocado Alpaca Mattress Cover

Photo: Avocado Green Mattress

enter code save 10 Check out for discounts. If your old mattress is in good condition, you might just need to upgrade to a canopy. This one is for those who like plush mattresses. It’s about as expensive as some brand-new beds, but WIRED reviewer Scott Gilbertson says putting it on your mattress feels like being in a five-star hotel. Oddly, avocado’s standard cover has straps, and this one doesn’t. It stays in place thanks to its cotton covering, but the corners occasionally clump together.

enter code remember Check out for discounts. If you want a sturdy topper, go for this one. It’s much cheaper than the Avocado, so you’ll feel like you’ve got a brand new mattress with just a few Benjamins. It’s 2 inches thick and made from certified organic latex wrapped in an organic cotton hood. It doesn’t have any straps, but it stays in place just fine.

Do you love your mattress but always feel too hot or too cold? This could be a good investment – stress investment because it’s very expensive. A backpack-sized device sits next to your bed, and you can set it to cool or heat your bed to the exact temperature you need.

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