21 Best Black Friday Headphones and Speaker Deals (2021)

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If you are not satisfied with earbuds, then these are the strongest earphones we have tried. They are sweat-proof and dust-proof, and fit perfectly (to stay safe even when sweating). With this substantial discount, they are a good choice for any pigsty in your life.

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Apple AirPods Max

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these are The best sound quality wireless headphones I have heard that they are absolutely magical on iOS devices and Macs. They sound great, have excellent noise reduction, and are one of my favorite volume knobs in the industry. If you are looking for the best headphones for work and travel, these are them.


Sony flagship wireless headset (9/10, wired recommendation) Ranked among the best in the market in the past ten years. They have 30 hours of battery life, amazing noise reduction and great sound. They can even detect the ambient air pressure, so they can help reduce the strange feeling you hear in flight.


These are the best wired earphones I have ever heard, for less than $220, let alone $179. Please note: they are open, which means you will be able to hear all sounds from the outside world, and we will be able to hear your music.

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This is an updated version of the popular QC-35 headset that debuted more than a decade ago. They now have better microphones, longer battery life, and the same excellent noise reduction capabilities. At this price, they are very cost-effective for those who spend more time on Zoom than ever before.

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Jabra’s stylish on-ear headphones are Our favorite headphones under $100 Because they are suitable and sound suitable for cash. Now they have a 40% discount…maybe only buy two pairs?

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Google Nest Mini

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Nest Mini is A great little speaker If you want to bring music (and voice assistants) into the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.I like to use them to set timers or listen to the news while wearing clothes, but they also make great alarm clocks and White noise machine.


Sony’s small portable speakers are one of my new favorites, thanks to their bold, deep sound. With IP67 protection level and up to 16 hours of battery life, put it in a backpack or school bag, and you can take your favorite music with you anywhere.


We like JBL’s Bluetooth speakers because they combine style and value. This small tube has 10 hours of battery life and IPX7 rating, making it a worthwhile portable listening companion.


Klipsch speakers are very beautiful. However, if this is not enough to be a reason to buy this wooden Bluetooth speaker, consider the gorgeous metal knobs and knitted-looking grille cover. Imagine sipping Scotch and listening to Miles Davis talking about it.

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