2022 CrossFit Games Day 2 Leaderboard

Individual and team expectations for Thursday’s rest day were dashed when the previous day’s weather forced the event to spill over into the next day. As such, Day 2 is crucial for athletes who give their all in competition and have been dubbed “the strongest man on earth”.

Men’s Leaderboard after Day 2 of NOBULL 2022 CrossFit Games

The “Shuttle to Overhead” event is a Day 2 story and asks participants to run increasing distances (400m, 600m, 800m) followed by maximum possible repetitions with clean and jerk (300 lbs for men and 200 lbs for women) in three rounds under challenge.

Jeffrey Adler had a great 100 to move up to 6th after 19 reps on the Rogue Fitness block, while Patrick Vellner struggled to get his reps counted when it mattered most. But third in the Challenger (16 times), Australian Ricky Garard maintained a clear overall lead with 461 points at the end of Day 2.

Ricky Garrard/Instagram

NOBULL 2022 CrossFit Games Women’s Leaderboard After Day 2

Defending champion Tia-Clair Toomey, a five-time Olympic champion, faces tough competition this year as a young Mal O’Brien currently leads the charge. Toomey started Day 2 in 8th place but was able to climb to 3rd place thanks to her brave performance in the “Shuttle to Overhead” event where she completed 18 clean and jerk reps.

Toomey finished the day with 406 points, behind Emma Lawson in second place with 410 points. O’Brien still leads with 422 points after finishing 3rd in 14 Challenges.

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