2 dead and 7 injured in Israeli air strikes in central Syria

Damascus, Syria (Associated Press)-The Syrian military said Israeli warplanes attacked military positions in the central part of the country earlier Wednesday, killing two civilians and wounding seven others-six of them were soldiers.

State media quoted an unnamed military official as saying that these fighters fired missiles while flying over the airspace of neighboring Lebanon. The national news agency SANA quoted the official as saying that the strike occurred at 1:26 am (2326 GMT).

The official said that Syria’s air defense system shot down most of the missiles, adding that in addition to casualties, there were some material losses.

A Syrian opposition war monitor said the attack hit a position of Syrian fighters loyal to Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which is located west of the central city of Homs.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in the United Kingdom, said the airstrike killed four people, two of whom were killed after being partially hit by a Syrian surface-to-air missile that landed in the central city of Homs.

The Israeli military did not comment.

Over the years, Israel has carried out hundreds of strikes against government-controlled targets in Syria, but rarely acknowledges or discusses such actions.

However, Israel admits that it is targeting militia bases allied with Iran, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah organization that has deployed combatants in Syria. It stated that it attacked a shipment of weapons believed to be destined for the militia.

In the decade-long civil war, Hezbollah fought side by side with the army of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Israel stated that Iran’s presence on its northern border is a red line, justifying its attacks on facilities and weapons in Syria.

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