19 dead in NYC apartment building fire

A fire at an apartment building in the Bronx borough of New York City on Sunday killed 19 people, including nine children.

A total of 63 people were injured in the blaze, 32 of whom were taken to the hospital, New York City Fire Chief Daniel Nigro told reporters. Most injuries are caused by inhalation of fumes.

The 19-story building at 333 East 181st Street caught fire around 11 a.m., Negro said. Officials said the fire started at duplex apartments on the second and third floors of the building. The unit’s door remained open, allowing smoke and flames to spread rapidly throughout the building.

Nearly 200 firefighters rushed to the scene. The first crew arrived within minutes and found victims of “cardiac and respiratory arrest” on “every floor,” Nigro said.

Officials say the blaze has been “suppressed” significance Major parts of the fire have been extinguished. The cause has not yet been determined.

“That number is horrific,” New York Mayor Eric Adams told reporters Sunday afternoon. “This will be one of the worst fires we’ve seen in modern times.”

Mayor Eric Adams during a news conference outside the apartment complex where a deadly fire broke out in the Bronx on Sunday © The Associated Press

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