16 home office deals for desks, laptop stands, webcams, planners, etc.

Home office Is great. But if you work full-time, you may need more than a laptop and a kitchen table. Fortunately, most of the WIRED Gear team have been working from home for many years, testing a large number of products in the process. If you need anything, some of our favorite equipment will now be discounted.

For more suggestions, please check our A complete guide to home office equipment, Plus our guide Laptop stand, Webcam, mouse, keyboard, with Paper planner.

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Laptop stand and desk discounts

ObVus Solutions laptop stand

Photo: ObVus solution

This already Our defending laptop stand champion last year. It is usually sold for around $70, but if you click the coupon button on the page, you can save an extra $5. This shelf is very good. It can raise your laptop to a certain height and incline, so you should be able to sit or stand during the day. I have been using it for a year and it has not lost an ounce of firmness. Considering the price of the laptop stand, this is very cheap.

As laptops become faster and thinner every year, they seem to have fewer and fewer ports. For this, we need a good docking station. This can double as a small stand, giving your laptop a slight upgrade, if you have a better laptop stand, you can match it. It includes ports for HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, SD (and MicroSD) cards, USB-C, USB A, Ethernet, and 3.5 mm headphone cable.

The ObVus Tower is great, but if you want to hold your laptop, monitor, and separate keyboard and mouse for most of the day, you need something bigger. FlexiSpot EN1 is a good choice. The instructions may be a bit frustrating, but if you can build it without losing your mind, it is cheaper than most good standing desks (before discounts!). It rises from 28 inches to 48 inches high, and you can save three height presets for quick switching.there’s still one There is no preset version less than 70 dollars.

This standard desk is not the cheapest, but it’s still cheaper than last year’s price of $130, and it’s good value for money. It chooses particleboard instead of the highest quality material, but it does not lack functionality or robustness. The minimalist design makes it also suitable for your existing setup, rather than stand out.

Monitor and load transactions

Vissles portable display

Photo: Weiss

We recommend preparing a separate monitor for yourself, because once multiple windows are opened, it is difficult to navigate on a small laptop. However, if you like to switch and work in the office (at home or elsewhere), street coffee shop or at the table, this portable monitor is a better choice. We like it (9/10, wired recommendation), you only need a cable to set it up. This version doesn’t have the touch screen we like, but if you don’t need touch, it’s still good.

If you already have a favorite (non-portable) monitor, please consider installing it. This is very small, so it is not an eye-catcher, and it can withstand a weight of 20 pounds.Just make sure your monitor uses VESA installation standard.

Webcam offers

Rai Sheqing

Photo: Razer

At the Zoom meeting, we all stared at ourselves. Do yourself a favor and improve your lighting so that you don’t look like you haven’t slept all week. With Razer Kiyo, Our favorite webcam, You will get excellent lighting and an excellent HD (1080p) camera. The 82-degree field of view is slightly wider than most webcams.

Since the pandemic, the price of this camera has doubled, but it is an excellent webcam with a high-definition 1080p resolution and a 78-degree field of view. It doesn’t have built-in lights like Kiyo, but it works well, except for low light. It has several disadvantages. We don’t like the microphone to record in mono instead of stereo, and its wire is very short, so it is difficult to use with desktop computers (but laptops are good).

Even at a discount, this is a more expensive webcam, but it is a good camera from Anker and is in stock. We can’t say many webcams.

Mechanical keyboard sale

SteelSeries Apex Pro

Photo: Steelseries

mechanical keyboard Usually sold as “gaming” keyboards, but they are Very I am very happy to type for us from nine to five. This color keyboard is equipped with all functions, plus a small LED display to show your system alarms and volume. Each key can be customized according to your switch preferences.

If you like the loudest and loudest keyboard, then this is what you want. The switch is sensitive and sensitive to touch, which is very suitable for games and work. In addition, the design purpose of the button is to really show the switch and RBG lighting.

If you never use the arrow keys or numeric keypad, a 60% keyboard may be good for you. They take up less space and are generally lower in cost, so your desk can maintain some order.This is the work of WIRED writer Jess Grey Favorite of 60% Because it is as sensitive as a typical full-size keyboard.

Mouse discount

Sairui Prime

Photo: SteelSeries

As we said above for gaming keyboards, gaming mice work equally well for regular computers. If you play games after get off work, you don’t have to switch settings completely.This SteelSeries Prime wireless mouse is Our favorite gaming mouse. It should fit the size of a bunch of hands and respond quickly. For people working in different areas of the house, if you connect to a PC tower, it also has a good range.

The price of this mouse fluctuates, but it does jump to $150, so if you need a top gaming mouse, now is a good time to buy. It has an optical switch and a response time of less than 0.2 milliseconds, and it is intuitive and smart to use.

Paper planner discount

Photo: Erin Condell

A good planner will align your work-from-home life.We don’t have a favorite because everyone has their own preferences, but We think pen and paper are better. Erin Condren is a major player in the planning world and now 25% discount on the entire website“Wired” writer Louryn Strampe (Louryn Strampe) called Weekly LifePlanner “The Rolex of Paper Planners.” It has three layout options (horizontal, vertical, or hourly), which you can choose before checkout, and you can use the monogram cover to further personalize your schedule.

I like this planner. It has a spacious vertical weekly layout, so I can jot down everything I need to do for that week and each day. In addition, it has exquisite artwork based on astrology and provides me with useful information about moon phases and planetary events.

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