14 Weekend sales of smartphones, laptops and audio equipment

If you have managed Give yourself some time in the outdoor activities this weekend to pay tribute to you. Like the hero in Gary Paulsen’s book, you temporarily escape the oppressive restraints of indoor life and escape into the wilderness. For those who have spent time in wildfire smoke or heat waves, we feel your pain. Although we spent some time at home in the past year, it will become stale and boring after a while. You might as well use one or three new toys to make your home more enjoyable and exciting. This weekend is all about indoor technology, including smartphones, earplugs and things with screens.

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Laptop and tablet discounts

Photography: Asus

Flip is a two-in-one laptop, which means you can use it like a normal laptop, with the keyboard and trackpad in front of you, or you can flip the keyboard to use the touch screen like a tablet. Senior product reviewer Scott Gilbertson called it the best all-around model he thought. The best Chromebook guide.

Now that the USB-C port has been updated, Sufrace Pro 7 is still ours Favorite 2-in-1 Surface laptop. It is equipped with a 12.3-inch touch screen and a 3:2 aspect ratio, which is ideal for sharing work documents.It didn’t make it clear that this was a deal, but its price was similar At Amazon.

We say that the Ryzen 5 model is ours Favorite powerful budget laptop, But this Ryzen 3 version is still good, but the power is a bit lacking. However, it still has the latest chips, so if your computing needs are not very strong, this will work.

Senior product reviewer Scott Gilbertson called this an ideal school Chromebook. It is an entry-level Chromebook that can be converted into a tablet, and it packs AMD Ryzen 3 chips, 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of storage space into a metal structure, making it feel better than competing products in a plastic case.

When it launches at the end of 2020, The fourth generation iPad Air Stealed the limelight of the iPad Pro at that time. With Touch ID and Apple’s A14 bionic chip, this is all the iPad most people need for web surfing, video games, and hobby-level graphics drawings.

Phone and equipment discounts

Photo: Samsung

Senior Review Editor Julian Chokkattu called it Renaissance phone in his comment, For its lively processor, an astonishing 48-megapixel rear camera, and two days of battery life on a single charge, it won 8/10 points and a wired recommendation award. The $50 discount requires activation, but you can buy it now and activate later.

Over the years, OnePlus has gained some enthusiastic followers for making high-quality phones and then selling them at mid-range prices.Julian gave it one 8/10 and WIRED recommendation award, And it’s now cheaper than ever. Catch? What to catch? Well, if you want it so cheap, you have to make it green. But it is a very gorgeous deep-sea foam green.

Totallee makes some of our Favorite thin phone caseYou can use wireless MagSafe charging and Apple Wallet’s NFC payment application, and there is no brand logo on it. Sales will continue until August 8.

Before the pandemic, we have not seen such a good deal on Brio.Matt Jancer gave the highest score in his work Best webcam Its superb video guide.

Facebook updated the portal At the end of last year, video conferencing was allowed on several popular platforms, Adrienne So, Senior Associate Commentary Editor I like Portal for Zoom callsIt automatically tracks the subject on the camera, so don’t be surprised if people think you have your own personal videographer when they see all the fancy zooming and panning.

Audio offer

Photo: Amazon

Park Hall Gave them 8/10 and WIRED Recommends awards Because of its good sound quality, it includes a charging box and integration with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Just say “Hey Alexa” when wearing them, and Alexa will be called like your personal elf.

Click the “Apply Coupon” button before checkout to get a 15% discount. Both Hall and review editor Jeffrey Van Camp said that these sound like earplugs, and the price is two to three times the price in their guide. The best wireless earbuds for every moodWhen fully charged, they can only be used for about 6 hours, but the IPX5 waterproof rating of the buds means that sweating workouts will not make them staged.

They are expensive, but critic Parker Hall says you get what you pay for-an incredible listening experience.He granted them one 8/10 and the WIRED Recommends label, Although their high price and 20-hour battery life are not good.

Click the “Apply Coupon” button before checkout to enjoy a $20 discount. Roku is Our favorite streaming media device, Its soundbar combines 4K video support and a voice remote control with nice speakers.Of course, it does not include the subwoofer-you must pony 180 USD——But it is still very important.

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