12-year-old boy was shot and killed by Israel

JERUSALEM (AP)-Palestinian officials said that the Israeli army shot and killed a 12-year-old Palestinian boy on Wednesday while traveling with his father in a car in the southern West Bank.

The shooting occurred in the town of Beit Umar near Hebron.

The town’s mayor, Nasri Sabarneh, said the man was driving with his son and daughter when the boy asked him to stop at a store to buy things.

The mayor said that the man turned around, and the nearby Israeli army started calling him to stop. A soldier then opened fire on the vehicle, hitting the boy Mohammed al-Alami in the chest.

Sabarneh said he knew family members who lived in the town and had talked with his father. He said that the father and daughter were not injured. The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the death.

The military is investigating the incident and did not immediately comment.

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