12 nationals, including four players, tested positive for COVID-19

The manager, 12 people in the Washington Nationals organization, including 4 players, tested positive for the coronavirus Dave Martinez Shortly after Major League Baseball postponed the night’s game to allow for additional testing and contact tracing, said Wednesday.

Among these 12 people-most of them are staff-some people have symptoms, although no one is “really, really sick”. Martinez Say.The manager also said he It is believed that all but one of the 12 people who tested positive were vaccinated. On Tuesday, shortstop Trea Turner (Trea Turner) broke out a day after testing positive.

Major League Baseball announced that the Nationals and Phillies will start doubles at 12:05 pm on Thursday, but the plan depends on Washington not returning a positive test.

“I am very worried,” Martinez Say. “Today we all took a quick test. We will follow up. Tomorrow we will get more results. Hope no one else will test positive, but yes, there are some concerns here. As soon as the game is cancelled, I will let everyone Leave here and take the bus back to the hotel. I want to do the same thing myself, then go back there and leave here so they can clean up the place.”

Martinez Hope that there will be another batch of test results on Thursday morning. These results will determine whether the double-headed match can proceed as scheduled. Washington also needs to adjust the lineup to supplement its lineup, at least four players are missing.

This is the third time Washington has suffered from the coronavirus this season, two days ahead of the trade deadline. At the beginning of this year, 11 players and two staff of the Nationals team were affected by the coronavirus after four players tested positive. This caused the opening day to be postponed.

In May, pitcher Erick Fedde tested positive for the coronavirus, and rescuer Tanner Rainey was placed in the coronavirus agreement as a close contact. Fedde is vaccinated, and Washington has exceeded the 85% vaccination threshold, allowing the coronavirus agreement to be relaxed.

Turner got a positive test result halfway through the first game of Tuesday’s game. He hit second in the starting lineup and played singles in the infield. He later scored on Josh Bell’s three-point home run, but once he learned that he had tested positive, he immediately ran down the tunnel for isolation.

After the game on Tuesday, Martinez Those who said they had no close contact with Turner. But after the entire team conducted rapid tests, more positive cases followed. The team tried to “reach a certain level” through Wednesday’s game, Martinez Say. “Then, as we continued to get results from the quick tests, we missed a lot of people. It was very difficult. You were talking about 12 people. That’s a lot.”

Martinez A few people’s symptoms are described as mild.

“I do believe that vaccination has helped this to a large extent,” Martinez Say. “I encourage people to get vaccinated. It really helps. I have seen it with my own eyes. People who are sick basically just have a small cold, but they do a good job.”

Some players drove to Philadelphia by themselves, Martinez Say he It is believed that they will have the right to drive home instead of being isolated in a hotel. But before players return to the game, they must test negative multiple times.

“When this is all over, I am really worried about the health and safety of everyone in our clubhouse and others who may be affected-family members,” Martinez Say. “…If the whole thing has any positive meaning, our vaccination rate is over 85%. We do test positive, but no one is really sick. I think this is because we did get the vaccine and it really helped.”

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