11 robot movies to watch in lieu of Westworld’s new season

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picture: John P. Johnson (HBO)

HBO’s dull new season of robot drama west world The fourth season is coming back.exist talk Jeb Bush, “Applause please.”

Everyone has their preferences for TV and movies, my preference is to avoid west worldI don’t really understand how to make a show about killer robots boring, but the creators of this venerable HBO series have done it. The series will return on June 26, actorhuge Budgetand some of the coolest visuals on TV, but it still doesn’t get decent dialogueor drawing It doesn’t feel incoherent, pretentious, or outright stupid. Most of the characters speak with tired fortune cookie clichés, and the acting is about what you can expect from those in charge of playing word machines.Often felt that the showrunners should have spent less time on the series Profound Just trying to make it fun.

Each has its own.For my “own” I suggest you skip west world And check out these 11 robot-centric alternatives.

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