10 new NASA astronauts: pilots, doctors, physicists, cyclists

Cape Canaveral, Florida (Associated Press)-NASA selected 10 new astronauts on Monday, half of whom are military pilots because it looks to the moon and Mars.

The space agency introduced the six men and four women at a ceremony in Houston, where the mission control center and astronaut team are located.

More than 12,000 people applied for the coveted attraction. The 10 people selected are in their 30s and 40s, and they need to receive two years of training before they can be qualified for space flight.

In addition to combat and test pilots, astronaut candidates also include medical physicists, drilling experts, marine robotics experts, NASA-born SpaceX flying surgeons, and bicycle champion bioengineers. Two astronauts from the United Arab Emirates will train with them.

One of the pilots-Air Force Major Marcos Berrios from Puerto Rico-volunteered to fly a life-size NASA mini-helicopter on Mars during a Q&A session.

“I know Deniz, another helicopter pilot here, and I am happy to use it as a scientific spin,” he said, winning laughter and applause from the audience.

Lieutenant Deniz Burnham is an Alaskan who manages drilling projects throughout North America.

Since the original Mercury VII in 1959, NASA has accepted 360 people into its astronaut team. The previous astronaut selection was in 2017.

NASA Chief Astronaut Reid Wiseman said that as SpaceX sends astronauts to the International Space Station, other private companies send short-distance tourists, and NASA’s Artemis moon landing plan is coming, “We are now in the golden space of manned spaceflight. Times”.

NASA plans to return astronauts to the moon no earlier than 2025.


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