10 Best Chewy Blue Box Event Pet Deals (2022): Cats and Dogs

Chewy is Amazon for pet supplies. It has almost everything your furry friend needs, whether you have cats, dogs, horses, chickens, hamsters or birds. Chewy currently has a ton of products on sale at its Blue Box Event – a four-day site-wide sale that runs until June 24th. All discounts are added at checkout.

We’ve outlined some deals on our favorite products below, but we recommend browse everything, Especially for specific brands of food and treats that pets love. Some prices may be discounted a few extra cents depending on whether they can be added to an auto-fulfillment order (you can add them as a one-time purchase and remove them later).

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View the rest Chewy’s cats are traded hereInclude Up to 50% off toys.

Photo: Chewy

This bundle comes early like a Christmas present. It includes three toys, including a chute for your cat to crawl through and catnip toy. (Technically, there are seven toys in total, and two toys are just a set of three.) There are also two bags of treats.there is one Several other boxes available also.

You’ll see a lot of Frisco items on this list; it’s Chewy’s own pet brand with solid cat and dog supplies. If you have a cat, there must be lots of surfaces for them to scratch. The bag comes with three cardboard ramps of different sizes for them to enjoy. There is also a pack of catnip to try.

Photo: Chewy

I love these cardboard houses and so does my cat. They’re cute, easy to put together, and have cardboard scrapers inside. Plus, they provide a hiding place.These are just two of the many cute designs; you can find one too yoga studio, ice cream truckand sushi place.

If your cat has eaten one of these brands, you’re in luck. However, we do not recommend using it for sales only.

View the rest Chewy’s dogs are traded hereInclude Up to 50% off toys.

Photo: Chewy

This puppy box includes a few different items for a new puppy like a stuffed animal, a soft blanket for cuddling, a few different treats and essentials: a poop bag.there is one Big Dog’s other themes also.

All dogs need a tennis ball to catch the ball. These also add a squeak to get their attention. Chewy says this size is best for small to medium dogs.

It’s an easy way to get a variety of toys, whether you want to introduce a few different options or just aren’t sure what Fido likes. You’ll get four plush toys, including two cute animals and two ropes for chewing or tug-of-war.

Disney Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Covered Bed

Photo: Chewy

This is by far the cutest puppy (or cat!) bed I’ve ever seen. They can get a little privacy and warmth on this covered bed that looks like a Pooh honey pot.one left bundled version This bed and a more traditional rectangular bed $53 Off ($13 Off).

If your dog loves Beggin’ Strips, this is a great deal for them to enjoy for a while. Don’t like this fake bacon?there is one Bunch of other snacks on sale Now too.

Photo: Chewy

Chewy also offers a $25 e-gift card if you spend $75 on a select listing. The following items are not technically for sale, but are part of a list of items that stand out to us.You can see the full list puppy and catand for Small pets, reptiles, horses, fish, birds and farm animals. We’ve marked the items we tested and liked with ★, so for the rest, be sure to check out the comments.



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