10 Best Barefoot Shoes (2022): Running or Walking

you were born in bare feet, and a growing body Evidence reveal You should always be like this.Modern shoe technology and padding protect your feet, but Protection is not always what you want. Feet are designed to stretch, flex, roll and flex, allowing them to do what they evolved to do Can reduce impact damage and offers many other benefits.

That said, please don’t buy a pair of these barely-there shoes and start walking or running as usual. That won’t work and will lead to injury. You need to handle everything barefoot with ease, and at some point you need to relearn how to walk and run. In this guide, we offer advice on transitioning from padded shoes to “barefoot shoes” (also known as minimalist or zero-drop shoes), and we’ve rounded up our favorites. They’re as close as possible to achieving a barefoot feel without conflicting with the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” tagline.

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Update June 2022: We’ve added the Xero Aqua Cloud water sandal and updated prices and links throughout.

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